Mr. Collins, CEO Of Punch, Trumps The Figures Of HomelessnessJoseph Collins On Quest To Put together Global Entertainment Empire In the face of All Probability

Relating to a Reuters story, there are over five hundered thousand public which can be homeless in the United states and the probability of beating homelessness are rare for a few which have been affected. Mr. Collins, President of Punch TV Studios was part of this displaced population statistic after his fight with lack of employment.

"It was a phase of extreme chaos and devastation when I was livingon Los Angeles' Skid Row section. It was in fact a journey of worry I'll in no way ignore. In fact,I wouldoften be so hungry that I pondered cooking the rats that happened to run across the floor of the spacein whichI slept every now and then," Mr. collins said. Finally getting his way out, Mr. Collins connected with an agency that offered guidance.

"I strolled from Sixth and Central Ave to One Hundred Ninth Street and Central one way every day to obtain the instruction available from an group named WLCAC—the Watts Labor Community Action Committee," Mr. Collins said. "My occupation mentality is so strong because I know the reality of being poor and finding it difficult to eat."

Mr. Collins is familiar with what it means to achieve something in the face of read more hardship and life's complications. Joseph Collins made a decision to make use of his understanding in television production gained in previous years to develop a check here dream come true. Eventually Joseph Collins became CEO of a major TV Network plus prodcution company, conquering the odds of being a permanent homeless individual in The U . S.

At this point considered a multi-media tycoon, Collins is currently the Head of the company of a progressing entertainment business starting on a $500 million international stock offering for the production of the latest technology and expansion of Punch TV Studios. Additionally to this accomplishment, a homeless assistance program is on the top of additions to the Punch tv media TV Studio agenda.

"Multi-media mogul like Turner, Levin and Parsons have given me the hopefulness for a future that I be able to have a dream in United States of America and even with my past, my future know how to ascend above homelessness, hard times or my racial history," Joseph Collins said.

Punch TV Studios, based in Los Angeles, California, is getting bigger its studios beyond Los Angeles and also have obtained global demand. Punch TV Media Inc. engages click here in the networking, making, sending, accreditation, merchandising and syndication of media products. The company supplies TV advertising solutions and redirects first-run syndicated series, off-network television programs and theatrical motion pictures for licensingand syndication aroundthe globe.

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